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  • Easy to learn and effective self-defense
  • The fun way to get in shape.
  • A fantastic physical education supplement for kids.
  • Kids learn respect, courtesy, and self-discipline.
  • Consistently rated as the top martial arts school in the area.



Pankration is the Ultimate Cross Training Program

Nothing trains the mind and body like the mixed martial arts style of pankration. We call it the ultimate cross training program.

Mixed Martial Arts is:

Mind and Body

For children, martial arts instills a high level of self-worth and gives kids an appreciation of life-long health and mental focus. This helps them with grades in school, behavior everywhere, and social development.

For adults, the boost in confidence martial arts brings to our students’ lives has a positive effect on every aspect on their lives. 

Left and Right Side

Every technique you learn is performed and perfected on both sides of your body. Obviously, you can’t ask an attacker to, “Wait, let me change sides!” Beyond the self-defense advantage, learning skills on both sides creates bi-lateral coordination and a healthy balance for your body.

Upper and Lower Body

In addition to the super-cool hand and elbow strikes we will teach you, you will also learn how to kick. Kicking is fun and effective. Your leg is a longer, stronger weapon than your arm. You’ll learn powerful, effective kicks for self-defense, but you’ll also learn some kicks that are more based in a fun athletic challenge than a practical self-defense application.

Thank you for considering Tiger Studios Martial Arts.  We are the premier place to learn Pankration
in the Beaumont, Devon, Millet, Wetaskiwin, Leduc, and surrounding areas.

Our Programs.

  • Tiger Studios Martial Arts for Adults and Children
  • Kickboxing, Boxing, and Pankration Program
  • Self-Defense for Adults and Children

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