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Tiger Studio classes are really fun and a great total body workout. They are suitable for men and women of most ages and are also a great way to relieve stress. The classes can help one achieve a number of goals, including a toned body, strength, weight loss, and skills to protect oneself, as well.

Mark Squire

Got to try it because it is amazing! It’s not just coming in and working out, it’s a good time with people that genuinely care.

Talayia S.

Totally try it out! It’s a great workout and it’s very fun to do. Plus, you can take out all of your aggressions on the bags!

Patrick B.

I've talked to so many about the class. I tell them it's a great workout, it teaches self-defense moves and the instructors are there making sure you're doing the techniques the right way.  It's fun!  It's EMPOWERING!!!!!  You will love it!

Liz Greenville

You need to try a few times. Do not be intimidated.  Everyone is super supportive, plus we are all working too hard to notice you during the class anyway.  Also, most things you can modify if you need. (like my favorite modification, just skipping the tricep pushups).

Jon Anderson

Tiger Studios Mixed Martial Arts

Thank you for considering Tiger Studios Martial Arts.  We are the premier place to learn Pankration
in the Beaumont, Devon, Millet, Wetaskiwin, Leduc, and surrounding areas.