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What is Pankration?

Did you know that Greeks and Macedonians were the earliest peoples to have developed and employed a combat system that was also an event in the ancient Olympic Games? This martial art was known as Pankration and was an event first introduced in its sport form for the 33rd Olympiad in 648 BCE.

The ancient Hellenic, (Greek) and Macedonian peoples knew and practiced Pankration in its current form for over 3 millennia before it was introduced to the Olympics. It was originally used for military defence by the Spartans, Trojans, Athenians and other ancient Greek Hoplite armies including alexander the great during his march of conquest from Greece to India. References to Pankration are present in ancient murals, art, pottery and writings from all over Greece, Macedonia and the temples at Bene Hassan Egypt from as far back as BCE 4000.

Pankration was and is a complete martial system incorporating elements of discipline, integrity, courage, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, specialized kicking, takedowns, ground fighting and submission technique as well as blunt and edged weapons, battlefield tactics and strategy. One of the most overwhelmingly superior features of Pankration is its integration of these many elements into a cohesive martial arts system.

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